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GSC has a state-of-the-art 60,000 sft. manufacturing facility in Medchal, Hyderabad. The plant is fully kitted out with the latest machinery - CNC Plasma Profile Cutting Machines, EOT Cranes, Beam Lines, Stud Welding Machines, C & Z Purlin and Sheeting Machines, etc. We have the capacity to deliver around 20,000 MT of steel per year.
GSC places great emphasis on delivery of high quality products. We are certified by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO 9001:2008).
There are multi-level checks in place to isolate and eliminate defects/impurities. GSC has an in-house testing lab. Our technicians are fully trained to ensure that every gram of steel has the GSC stamp of quality.
Our proprietary software and CAD programmes are custom coded for each individual order, ensuring accuracy to the nth degree. We also comply with MBMA, ASTM, and AWA standards. We are a member of CII (Confederation of Indian Industries) and are also IGBC (Indian Green Building Council) certified.
QC inspection starts with checking of raw materials for compliance. Products are inspected at all stages of fabrication for welding quality, dimensional tolerance, surface preparation and coating. All inspection records are stored on file for future reference.
The GSC marketing and technical team interact directly with clients - significantly reducing response time. They are in constant touch with top GSC management and regular updates are submitted on every project. Our team members are experts in building relationships and retaining them. When you come to us, you’ll know you're in good hands.
Roles and responsibilities are clearly defined, review and audits are conducted regularly to identify non-conformance, and verify compliance.
When an internal quality audit results in a Non-Conformance Report, corrective action is triggered through the Corrective and Preventive Action Plan. The effectiveness of the Plan is closely monitored. Each customer complaint is recorded, and a detailed analysis is carried out. Corrective action is then implemented with a view towards continual improvement.
GSC products are offered with the assurance of quality and accuracy. Our clients are the industry leaders, and they choose our PEBs for the following key reasons:
Design versatility   Speed of project completion and
best-in-business pricing
Resource availability   360 degree solutions
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